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We are Proud of doing Shielding for the following:

First Fonar Upright MRI 0.6T in Gulf and Middle East. Dubai.

First 1.5T in Yaounde - Cameron ( Toshiba Vantage ).

First 1.5T in Abidjan - Ivory Coast, ( Toshiba Vantage ).

First GE ONI 1.5T Extremity MRI in Gulf and Middle East

First Reliant Prestige 1.5T MRI in Middle East and Africa.

First and the only MRI System in Freetown - Sierra Leone Africa.

Some References:

  • Philips Achieva 1.5T, Nasseria - Iraq
  • GE Ovation 0.3T, Kinshasa, Kongo.
  • Hitachi Airis Elite 3 Systems in Baghdad- Iraq.
  • Mikati Radiology Center – Beirut - GE Profile III
  • Dr. Amir Attar – Aleppo. - GE profile III
  • Iman Scan- Egypt
  • Al hayat Scan-Egypt.
  • Kalar Center- Iraq.
  • GE Signa 1.5T: Dr. Yasser Safi Center- Damascus.
  • GE (ONI) Extremity 1.5T, Advanced Radiology center- Dubai
  • Siemens Aera 1.5T, Advanced Radiology Center- Dubai
  • Hitachi Airis II ( Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait , UAE, Libya).
  • Philips Intera 1T, 1.5T and Philips Panoram 0.23 ( Syria, Iraq, Egypt).
  • Wandong 0.35T Egypt.
  • Reliant Prestige 1.5T Syria.
  • GE Ovation in Amman
  • GE Profile III 0.2 T MRI in Freetown-Sierra Leone.
  • Hitachi Airis Elite- Sabratha- Libya
  • Hitachi Airis Elite- Tubrok - Libya
  • Siemens Concerto, Aswan- Egypt.