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Shielding for MRI

Rf Shielding for MRI

Shielding for MRI

A Complete MRI Services starting from planning, manufacturing and installing the RF Shielding with Door, window, filters... in addition to complete decoration.

Also we are able to supply and install MRI Systems.

MRI Door, RF Shielded door.

RF Doors

We Designed our own RF Door, which is a lightweight, rigid, and secure.

Because of using a Conductive Fabric Gasket  around the door, there is no need to change it every six month, it will stay for a years and unbreakable. 

We have a standard size for the door, but we can do any size and any direction easily according to the site and customer needs.

It comes also in different colors according to the decoration or customer requirement.

>>> See Gallery.

RF Shielded Window for MRI
RF Window,

In order to get a better monitoring for the patient inside, We replace the normal used double layer black mesh, to another material from Nickle.

And because of 1 it will be enough to put one layer, very clear and has a very high effectiveness , so the attenuation is >100 dB.

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